Travelers Moon Frost

TWHBEA # 891079 

Foaled April 17, 1989


Color Genetics: Ee/AA/CrCr 

15.2 hh 

Frost has old time breeding going back to Calvin Miller breeding. He goes back to Sun's Merry Man twice, who is a son of the 14 time World Champion Reyclif Mid-Merry or better know as Hill's Perfection. Frost also goes back to Roy Roger's Trigger Jr. twice (Allen's Gold Zephyr). Frost has old time breeding and natural gait. Frost is purely a true old western walking horse and his color is just a plus. The only World Grand Champion's Frost goes back to is Ebony Masterpiece once and Midnight Sun twice. Frost has no Pride of Midnight blood. 


Click on the below link to learn more information on Allen's Gold Zephyr. Frost's Grand Sire Montana Traveler goes back to Allen's Gold Zephyr twice. Also Frost has 4 other bloodlines going back to Barker's Moonbeam, who was Allen's Gold Zephyr's Sire. 

Allen's Gold Zephyr 


Frost is Blood Typed and DNA'ed with TWHBEA. Frost is a double agouti perlino and he carries the red gene. So he is Ee/AA/CrCr. He will always pass on his cream gene and one of his agouti genes. He will produce buckskin 100% of the time with a homozygous black or bay mare. With a heterozygous black or bay mare, he will produce 75% buckskin of the time and 25% palomino. From sorrel mares, he has a 50/50 chance of buckskin or palomino. And when bred to single dilute mares you are guaranteed either buckskin, palomino, perlino or cremello, all depending on the mares color genetics. Go to the following link to calculate the color coat possibilities of a foal. 

Frost stood at Thunderbrook Tennessee Walkers for the 2011 breeding season. We bred several of our mares to Frost. 

According to Tami Lynn Arndt, Frost's current owner, Frost will push perfection OVER THE EDGE with not just beaming color but awesome gait and temperaments! 

Frost was bred by and owned by Andy and Karen Canchola for 18 years. His sire Tate's Traveler lived with Andy and Karen in Evansville, WY till the ripe old age of 30.