2023 Foals

Cruisin The Roan Mercedes

TWHBEA #22300471

Bay Roan Filly  

Color Genetics: Ee(EE)/Aa/Rr

Foaled 05/21/2023

Sire: Cruise With The Limo 

Dam: Watchout's Roan Mercedes

Treasures In My Champagne

TWHBEA #22300472

Gold Champagne Roan Colt 

Color Genetics: ee/aa(Aa)/nCh/Rr/nd1

Foaled 05/21/2023

Sire: Watchout's Royal Treasure

Dam: Cactus Comanche Moon

Royal Champagne Supernova

TWHBEA #22300491

Amber Cream Champagne Filly

Color Genetics: Ee/Aa/nCr/nCh

Foaled 05/31/2023 

Sire: Watchout's Royal Treasure 

Dam: She's A Royal Dream

Watchout's Royal Image

TWHBEA #22300492

Amber Champagne Colt  

Color Genetics: Ee/Aa(AA)/nCh/nd1

Foaled 06/09/2023 

Sire: Watchout's Royal Treasure 

Dam: Laredos Sun Frosted Jewel

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