Laredo Moon

TWHBEA # 20505453
IBHA # T-26043
PWHR # 051262
NAHR # 201206 

Foaled May 16, 2005
Color Genetics: EE Aa nCr nd1/nd2
15.2 hh


Laredo passed over the rainbow bridge on January 3, 2021.

He will be greatly missed and will always be my heart horse. He was the start of a dream and will always be the face and heart & soul of Thunderbrook Tennessee Walkers.

RIP Laredo

Laredo Moon is our buckskin son of Travelers Moon Frost. Laredo is a registered buckskin Tennessee Walking Horse. He is registered with the TWHBEA, the International Buckskin Horse Association (IBHA), Part Walking Horse Registry (PWHR) and Natural Ambling Horse Registry (NAHR). 

Laredo has several old World Grand Champions in his pedigree; they are Ebony Masterpiece, Merry Go Boy, Go Boy's Shadow, Mack K's Handshaker, Midnight Sun and Go Boy's Royal Heir. Go Boy's Shadow, Black Dust M.R. and Norris Moonbeam still shows on his papers. 

Laredo also has old time breeding going back to Calvin Miller breeding. He goes back to Sun's Merry Man twice, who is a son of the 14 time World Champion Reyclif Mid-Merry or better know as Hill's Perfection. Laredo also goes back to Roy Roger's Trigger Jr. twice (Allen's Gold Zephyr). 

Laredo also goes back to Master Mack SABC. Not only was Master Mack SABC sired by Midnight Mack K, one of the breed's most important flatshod show horses and sires that never managed to win the Celebration, but Master Mack SABC was out of Sun's Sparkle, a full sister to the 1963 WGC Sun's Delight D. Master Mack SABC came from the Audie Dean breeding program, which produced stallions with natural, long striding walking gaits which they would do at liberty, no rider necessary. 

Laredo has no Pride of Midnight blood. 

Laredo has old time breeding and natural gait. His pedigree is a great cross between old western walking horses and old World Grand Champions and his color is just a plus. 

Laredo is a very gentle stallion. He has puppy dog personality. He will come up to you in the middle of the pasture just to get attention. You can even catch him in the pasture and hop on bareback and ride him away in a halter, even away from mares. He was broke to ride as a two year old. Quite and honest in his work ethic, he is gentle enough for kids to ride and inexperienced riders. On long days working cattle he lets Krista's Australian Shepherds ride behind the saddle. Laredo has even been rode around mares in heat and never blinked an eye. He is a real gentleman. Laredo is even gentle enough to wean foals with him. 

Laredo has proven to be very versatile. He has done everything from ranch work to showing in open shows to ranch rodeos to parades. Laredo willing performs all tasks of ranch work. He loves to work cattle. In the show circuit, Laredo was shown in Halter, Bareback Equitation, Trail Classes, Ranch Horse Class, Barrel Racing, Pole Bending and the Flag Race. He can be rode Western, English and bareback. Another one of his great qualities is he has a ground covering running walk. 

Laredo's foals have dispositions that are hard to beat and all gait naturally. They also have great conformation. All of his foals have been super easy to work with. Click here to see Laredo's foals

Laredo is one of Krista's favorite mounts. 

Laredo stands at 15.2 hands. 

Laredo has been color tested though UC Davis and he is Homozygous Black and Heterozygous Agouti and carries one cream gene, EE/Aa/nCr. He also tested positive for nd1/nd2 in January 2018, so his full color makeup is EE Aa nCr nd1/nd2. With Laredo being Homozygous Black, he will never produce a red foal (Sorrel, Chestnut, Palomino or Cremello). Go to the following link to calculate the color coat possibilities of a foal.