All of our 2020 foals are for sale. We will be getting updated pictures of them very soon.

Here is a list of them-All are sired by Laredo Moon

Comanche's Foal- Blue roan nd1/nd1 filly

Puff's Foal- Smoky Black filly 

Satin's Foal- Bay stud colt 

Sadie's Foal- Smoky Black with alternate roan gene stud colt 

Caroline's Foal- Smoky Black filly 
$2000 can be bought with her dam as a package deal for $3500

Laredo's Motown Fury

2019 Bay Filly

Color Genetics: Ee(EE)/Aa(AA)

Asking $2000

Sire: Laredo Moon

Dam: Image Of Fury's Caroline

Laredo's Gold Diamond

2019 Buckskin Filly 

Color Genetics: Ee(EE)/Aa(AA)/nCr

Asking $2000

Sire: Laredo Moon 

Dam: Generatin Gold Knockout