If we have trained a horse for you and you would like to write a testimonial, please do so and email it to us and we will post it.

 Training Testimonial From Rawhide's Owner 

I have known Krista for several years now and am privileged to share in her equine family.  Krista has a phenomenal stallion, Laredo Moon.  I own his full brother, Shoshoni Moon, aka Rawhide.  I had the honor of having Krista take my stallion and put some time on him and work out a few "kinks".  Rawhide was purchased as a five year old stallion that had no real previous work done with him up to that point.  Knowing he had potential, I felt he was worth purchasing and putting the time into.  My labor of love with Rawhide started in the fall of 2005.  He showed a rare intelligence and love for work.  However, after a point, we hit a road block.  Being that he was started so late, and had some of his priorities out of order, we just couldn't seem to move forward, and I felt that there was something missing.  Knowing the bloodline that Rawhide is out of and seeing what Krista has done with Laredo gave me hope, and with a phone call, Krista rescued us.  Rawhide is my baby boy and I trust very few people, but Krista worked wonders.  I trust her completely and know that she has the talent, know-how, and creativity, with a gentle touch, to fix any problem she faces.  When I got Rawhide back, he was a "complete" horse.  I mean complete in the sense that all the puzzle pieces were fitting together, and we were finally on the same page with the same goal.  It is one thing to love your horse, but when you can fall in love with them all over again, that is an amazing gift and Krista gave that to me and Rawhide.  I would not hesitate to recommend Krista for her training and problem fixing skills.  There is no one else I would rather send a horse to for training. 

Atisha Zentner, New Beginnings Tennessee Walkers 

Westboro, WI

Training Testimonial From Sunday's Owner 

I have bred, raised, and loved horses most of my life and very recently I had a filly that had been raised on a bottle after her mother died during birth....she hadn't had the experience of learning how to be a horse from her mom so thought she was a person and was quite spoiled...I was worried about getting the right person to train her as I felt she was smart as a whip but her training would be challenging...I decided to chose Krista Donsbach for the training after selling her a few horses and liking how she handled them...I couldn't be more pleased with the result...After a few months, my filly returned home not only trained but completely "finished" as a horse...She is amazing in all the things Krista taught her...I had warned Krista it would be a challenge but she rose to the occasion and we have the most awesome mare now that we have ever owned...I have never been more impressed with a trainer as I am with this young lady and highly recommend her to anyone needing training for their horses... 

Linda Morgan 

Roundup, Mt.

Training Testimonial From Moonshine's Owner 

Krista has trained her stallion,Laredo, who she purchased from me and has done an outstanding job with him.  She also worked with my gelding, Moonshine, taught him to rope, and made him a very enjoyable, dependable mount.  Krista has the unique ability of gentle but firm treatment and excellent communication with all animals, especially horses.  I highly recommend her training ability and work ethics. 

Karen Canchola 

Evansville, WY